Friday, May 29, 2009

Five Ingredient Fridays: Its All About You!!!

Welcome to another week of Five Ingredient Fridays!!! We have safely arrived in New Hampshire, but haven't quite settled in yet, so I have to use my Sister's laptop. I also haven't had time to think about what to share so this weeks' submissions will be all yours.

ALSO, I haven't had a chance to pick a winner from last week, so I will announce last weeks' winner and this weeks' winner next Friday. They will get a little something special from me for being so patient.

Please post your submissions in the comments section along with your link.


Kristen said...

I just found your site and am excited to join in. Here is my link for Magic Apple Pie (it only takes 1 apple!)

Holly said...

I am glad you got there safe! I kept checking back for this weeks friday 5 but I didn't see it until now, crazy busy weeks! I will share my recipe next week instead.

Also, did you get my email?

phasejumper said...

My first time posting on this, hope I do it's my link. It's for easy and healthy seafood patties.