Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Keep those recipes comin'

The response to my crock pot contest has been GREAT!!! The recipes all look wonderful and we will be trying a lot of them this weekend.

We experienced our first frost last night. Since we live in Southeast Louisiana, this is a bit earlier than we had expected. So, my husband and I went out at around 9 last night to cover up the garden with plastic. Aside from freezing, all was going well until.....

I was carrying the last board over to hold down the plastic and 'forgot' about the sunk in hole near the garden where a tree used to be. I, of course, stepped in it. I mean, I didn't earn the nickname 'Klutz' for nothing. The board went flying and I landed in a whimpering heap on the ground. You know that sound pants make when they are ripped? A sound similar to that came from my ankle/foot region with a lot of pain to go along. My wonderful husband, and all his infinite medical wisdom, came over and poked my ankle and said, 'It feels fine - I don't think you broke it.' Thanks!!!

It is still a little sore this morning. Not broken, maybe sprained. I am sitting here with a bag of frozen peas on it at the moment. So, keep those recipes comin' because they are keeping me occupied while I try to forget about the pain.

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