Monday, October 13, 2008


Monday, good to me...

Just had to get that out of my system, forgive me. Monday is a day dreaded by so many but to me it is a day of normalcy. Business as usual. My husband goes back to work, the 2 oldest go back to school and my youngest and I are back on OUR schedule. The one where we play, run to the store on a whim, sing along with Sesame Street, and get some housework done if we can squeeze it in. Really, I do plan out my day with lots of cleaning time allotted, but something always gets us off track. Anywho...

Today is the first day of my new series called, 'Meet the Fam.' First up is our first born, Madison.

Isn't she beautiful? I swear she is going to be a

model one day.

I mean, just look at that walk. So regal!

She's not afraid to get in there and get the shot.

She plays soccer to help keep in shape.

I can just see her in a toothpaste ad, can't you?

And, most importantly, she loves the camera and is always posing.

Honestly, I can see her doing so many things. She's kinda argumentative, so I could see her being a lawyer. She's a true leader, so she could definitely handle the Presidency. She's kind hearted, so I could see her being a teacher or a nurse. She has a beautiful voice, so maybe she'll be the next Hannah Montana. (OK, she would rather be the next Taylor Swift and I am thankful for that.) She's very dramatic, so she would make a terrific actress. But whatever she chooses to do with her life, she will attack it with the same determination she does everything with. She is my baby girl and I love her with all of my heart.

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