Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Day!!!

Never in 100 million years did I think that my children would have a snow day in South East Louisiana, but today it happened. Good thing too because I woke up late and the kids would've been tardy if I had to get them there.

(Please ignore the date stamp on the photos below, they are the result of having to change batteries mid-shoot.)

This was the sight we woke up to this morning

It was very shocking!

This is our garden...oops!

Madison jumped right in

It wasn't long before she was in a snowball fight with one of her friends.

Lauren was a little more reserved

But, she got the idea

and soon threw her first snowball

Nate was excited, but I think it had more to do with him getting to stay home from school

But, he too, got in on the action

He even helped the neighbor and other kids make a snowman

He turned out pretty cute

Lauren got wet and a little disgusted

Madison learned first hand what happens when a stray snowball lands in the eye region

and here's what she thinks about that


Jennifer said...

That is so neat that y'all got snow! That gives me hope that maybe (just maybe) we will get snow this year in South Georgia! Dear Lord, hear my prayer . . .

Sandy said...

I am 44 years old and it has only snowed here once in my entire life and that was 19 years ago. It looked very much like your pictures. Only once before had we gotten snow, but it was just flakes and our teacher let us go out and see them. But, they melted when they hit the ground. Jennifer is my daughter and I too and praying for snow this year. We have alread had an unusually cold fall. Great pictures!!