Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An Explanation for My Long Absence

The past several weeks have been very crazy for my family.

As I had mentioned before, my Mother in Law had been living with us since Thanksgiving. She went into the hospital about a month ago and has been there ever since. Its just one thing after another and so I have been fighting with her insurance the entire time. That, in itself, turned into a full time job for me.

In addition to this, I have had doctors appointments, dental visits, Girl Scout meetings, Cookie Sale and all the paperwork that goes along with it, and now a potential business opportunity for my husband that have been taking up the remainder of my waking hours. Let's not even discuss the current state of my house. Let's just say I cringe whenever someone comes over.

But, my main focus has been trying to be an advocate for my son. I have not previously discussed this here, but my son, Nathan, is going to be screened/evaluated for Autism on March 12th. We have been on a waiting list for almost a year for this appointment and were not expected to be seen until the end of the summer. Apparently I bugged them enough by calling every other week to check on our wait, and they moved us up. (They called me with the appointment the very same day my Mother in Law's insurance went through. It was one of my happiest days EVER!) I will talk more about Nathan later, but just knowing that he is FINALLY going to be seen is such a relief.

For now, you should know that I have missed posting and will be back to blogging on a regular, every day basis with lots of yummy recipes, green living trials and frugal tips beginning TOMORROW!!!!!

Have a GREAT day!


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