Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Lovely Weekend

A free weekend is hard to come by around here. Usually there is a ton of stuff to do and very little time to relax and enjoy family time. So, this weekend when we had nothing pressing to do, we made the most of it.

We had only one obligation: pick up our cow. Well, the beef anyway. We bought a cow from a local farmer and had to go and pick up the meat on Saturday morning. The pickup hours were between 7-10, so we still had plenty of day left for whatever else we wanted to do.

After bringing home the beef and unloading it, we took the kids out to lunch. They were very well behaved. During lunch, some friends of ours who we hadn't seen in a long time, called and invited us to dinner. They live in the country and have chickens, guinea hens, a cow and an adorable little dog. Of course, we said yes.

Before heading out to their house we stopped at a little antiques store that I had been wanting to check out. I went in looking for vintage Pyrex (which is a new obsession of mine) and found mountains of it. I left with 6 bowls and a lighter wallet, that's for sure.

The dinner was amazing. It was a beautiful day and they made a great fish fry. Thank you Bennetts. We had a great time.

Sunday, was a little more mellow. Ralph got up and mowed the yard and we had a barbecue with some of our new beef. It was great! We were happy about the purchase, even though it was a large one. The beef should last us over a year and it is good quality.


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pond2 said...

You are very welcome.. We love having yall! Chaos and all!!
Ms Sis