Friday, January 16, 2009

Lauren is 3!!!!!

It rained on Lauren's Birthday. Her party was originally supposed to be at 2 that day. The rain had held off all morning until about 1 and then it started pouring. Raining buckets. Cats and dogs, even. This might have been ok, except that we were barbecuing. And we use charcoal. So, lighting up the grill under the car port was OUT of the question.

We called my Sister in Law and told her not to come until about 5. Luckily, the rain stopped at about 3:45 and the sun came out. It was really beautiful that afternoon.

The only pictures I got were taken outside. What do you think the kids are doing in the pictures?

splashing in the puddles, of course...

The girls started first

but Nate was quick to jump in too

Lauren stayed out there so long her toes got wrinkly and pruney

And, in a Birthday miracle, they all got along.

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